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Five Design Ideas For Your Personalised T-Shirt



  1. Anime Version Of Your Face Or Someone Else’s’

What’s more personalised than a shirt with a face of the wearer on it? While that’s fun, it can be a little creepy for anyone to see someone wearing something that has their exact face or seem a little narcissistic for some. In that case, the anime version of your face or somebody else’s’ face, in case you’re planning to give it as a gift, is a more fun way to do it without freaking anyone out.

  1. Funny Doodles

Not everyone is artistic, but that shouldn’t stop you from wearing a shirt with a unique design. If you’ve wanted one, why not go online to look for inspiration. Then start creating your own doodles. With a little imagination and hard work a personalized t-shirt with a clever doodle isn’t a long shot.

  1. Witty Comebacks

Maybe drawing isn’t just your cup of tea, but you know you’re smart and sarcastic as f*ck. How about you design your shirt with some of your famous witty comebacks? That exchange you had with a relative during holidays or an acquaintance never got along with that got everyone crack would be a great example. If people see these shirts of yours, they’ll know never to mess with you in the future.

  1. Statement Shirts

Statement tees are everywhere, because they’re quirky and sometimes relates to people. If you’re known as the quotes lover person who loves to cite quotes all the time or makes up his own, it’s time you showcase that to the public by wearing your own statement t-shirts.

  1. Text And Illustration

Most of the time, personalised t-shirts and My Personalised Banners are just hilarious and cute. But don’t you think inspirational and deep ones should be around too? Words from a mentor that you’ve always lived by or a good advice from your parents designed with an illustration that best symbolize that will be a breath of fresh air.

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