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Can Plexi Be a Photography Tool?

Most of us have seen images which consist of two symmetrical halves in which there is a thing on top, and a reflection of that thing on the bottom. Well, it might surprise you to learn that the photographers don’t really use glass or mirrors for those kinds of shots – they use plexi!

What Is Plexi?

The first thing you need to know about it is the fact that it is not glass, but a type of plastic that comes to us in form of perspex sheeting. They come in many sizes or colours, and you can choose which one suits you and your needs the best. Most photographers claim that the best ones are black, white, or transparent, and that you shouldn’t really get them online; you ought to find a local supplier and be sure you’re getting the good stuff.

How Do Photographers Use It?

Well, it should be noted that Plexi can be used in various ways in photography. Of course, you use it instead of glass, but that’s not all. The best use for it would be to put it as a bottom surface, below the product, and then take shots. It offers great reflection, and is really strong, which is important if you have to photograph something really heavy. Photographers use it to create continuous white slopes, or to throw light right through the plexi. Doing the underlighting is extremely easy with plexi, and you can even use it to create large diffusion screens.

Why Is It Better Than Glass?

For one thing, it is really opaque, and as such can be highly reflective, but without the second reflection you sometimes get with glass. Then, it does not weigh as much as glass, making it easy to be carried. Also, it bends easily, which is perfect for creating various illumination games with your photographs. You don’t even need any special equipment to work with plexi, and you can cut it to size by using knives! It does not break as easily as glass and can take a lot more weight.

How to Handle It?

People need to know that, just like glass, plexi acts like a fingerprint magnet, and that is why it needs to be taken great care of. People that work with it ought to wear gloves, but the good news is the fact that the fingerprints or dirt on the plexi can be cleaned easily – just use some Windex! Make sure you remove the protective sticker, but you can only remove the one from one side, and leave the one on the other one on. Later, you can remove it and use it when the other side gets damaged.

Can It Be Used as a Photography Tool?

Well, after everything we’ve seen here, it is safe to assume that it can be used as a photography tool; and not only that, but some photographers even claim that it is far superior to any glass or mirror. This means that all the photographers out there need to start looking for a plexi supplier, and they need to start doing it right away!