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Explained: 4 Types Of Wedding Photography

We spend so much time in arranging our wedding around the theme or motif that we have decided to make everything look cohesive and of course so that things will look good on pictures. But have you ever thought of the pictures looking good themselves? How? Well here are the types of wedding photography that gives four different kind of beauty in wedding photos.

Traditional Wedding Photography

When we say traditional wedding photography, we’re talking about a lot of posed shots of the bride and groom and the rest of the guest throughout the day. It also includes a lot of arranged detail to achieve a specific look. So if you’re someone who wants everything to look spotless, hiring a Kent wedding photographer such as Stuart Deal might work for you.

Wedding Photojournalism

On the other side of the coin, if you’re more on candid shots that capture genuine emotions and unique moments, wedding photojournalism is for you. Photographers won’t ask for you to pose for pictures the whole day, instead they’ll simply shoot while your wedding is taking place, you and your spouse lost in the moment, and guest having fun.

Fine Art Portraiture

Want to send a message? Give off a certain mood? Or want the pictures carry your personalities as individuals and as a couple to make it more meaningful? Then the representational and stylized way of fine art portraiture is the way to go. Through planning, preparation and creative thinking of the photographers, they’ll be able to deliver unique portraits out of your wedding.

High Fashion Photography

Think big with this one. Everything will be dramatic, from the clothes, location, to lighting techniques and posing, to create a high fashion mood or lifestyle that you want to portray. Needless to say, this isn’t for those who like simple, solemn and not-in-your-face kind of wedding.