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Baby Photography

One of the best ways to find a good newborn photographer is to find a photographer who specialises in child photography and maternity photography. If you’re based in Essex then it’s also a good idea to find an Essex-based new born photographer. The closer the photographer is to you the better it is for you.

If you’re having trouble deciding which photographer to go with there are some things to keep in mind. Ask your friends or family if they have any suggestions or if they’ve had any newborn photography done, and find out more about your chosen photographer. Get all the important information such as their fees, if you need to reserve a session, and how their studio looks and feels. After choosing a photographer you should contact them before visiting to find out more about their prices. You’ll be able to tell how the photographer treats clients as soon as you meet them. If you feel like the photographer isn’t the right choice then don’t stay with them. If you feel like they are the right choice you can go ahead and visit them at your earliest convenience.

Write down and brainstorm any ideas for photographs you have in mind. When you’re done discuss it with the photographer so they can put together the right setting for you and your baby. Newborn photography includes photos of just the baby, such as when they’re sleeping, so getting the right setting is important. It’s a good idea to find a photographer who can put together a kid-friendly setting using props and costumes.

One great choice for newborn photographers in Essex is Urban-Photography where you can find Jodi Collin’s web portfolio including her pictures of children, infants and newborns in the urban setting. Jodi is known for offering unique and versatile services through her convenient studio. Jodi is based in Essex so anyone looking for Essex newborn photography should consider contacting her and getting started.

While many people turn to the web for finding photographers you can just go straight to the Urban-Photography website to take a look at Jodi’s current projects and sessions. This will give you an idea of what you can expect and will inspire you when deciding on which photos you would like. The website has handy directions you can follow to find the studio after you book your session with Jodi. Good luck!