How to Print Your Own Photo on a T-Shirt

Shirts are among those pieces of clothes that do not go out of style. These are available in numerous styles and typically emblazoned with different designs. However, easy accessibility to these ready-made clothes ups your chances of coming across someone who happens to own and wear the same shirt as you — and with the exception of a uniform or company T-shirt, that can be an awkward fashion faux pas. One way to avoid this is to print your own photo on a T-shirt. Here’s how.

Upload or design the photo that you want to be placed on your shirt.

You may use a custom-made image or an image that you found from the Web. To further enhance the uniqueness of your photo, you may even use image-editing software to add depth to the image. You may even want to create text that you can superimpose on the photo. Make sure that the image is flipped before making the final print.

Print out a draft copy of the design on a piece of paper.

This is especially recommended if you have not tried photo printing on shirts yet. Closely examine the printout and make sure that the image is the same one you would like to see on your shirt. Make adjustments as you deem necessary.

Prepare the iron-on paper before transferring the print on the shirt.

Follow all the instructions on the transfer paper package label. After printing, allow the ink on the paper to dry completely before proceeding to the next step. Get rid of the excessive paper around the photo. This is important to help achieve a crisp and even design on the shirt.

Position the transfer paper on the shirt and start ironing.

Make sure that you position the paper facedown on the part of the shirt where you prefer to the image to be displayed. Place the iron heat level on cotton. Carefully iron the exposed side of the paper. Use even, circular motions.

Peel off the iron-on transfer paper.

Do this while there is still some heat on the paper. This will help you achieve a smooth and satiny finish for the print. Allow the transferred printout to cool before peeling off the backing of the transfer paper.

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