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Can Plexi Be a Photography Tool?

Most of us have seen images which consist of two symmetrical halves in which there is a thing on top, and a reflection of that thing on the bottom. Well, it might surprise you to learn that the photographers don’t really use glass or mirrors for those kinds of shots – they use plexi!

What Is Plexi?

The first thing you need to know about it is the fact that it is not glass, but a type of plastic that comes to us in form of perspex sheeting. They come in many sizes or colours, and you can choose which one suits you and your needs the best. Most photographers claim that the best ones are black, white, or transparent, and that you shouldn’t really get them online; you ought to find a local supplier and be sure you’re getting the good stuff.

How Do Photographers Use It?

Well, it should be noted that Plexi can be used in various ways in photography. Of course, you use it instead of glass, but that’s not all. The best use for it would be to put it as a bottom surface, below the product, and then take shots. It offers great reflection, and is really strong, which is important if you have to photograph something really heavy. Photographers use it to create continuous white slopes, or to throw light right through the plexi. Doing the underlighting is extremely easy with plexi, and you can even use it to create large diffusion screens.

Why Is It Better Than Glass?

For one thing, it is really opaque, and as such can be highly reflective, but without the second reflection you sometimes get with glass. Then, it does not weigh as much as glass, making it easy to be carried. Also, it bends easily, which is perfect for creating various illumination games with your photographs. You don’t even need any special equipment to work with plexi, and you can cut it to size by using knives! It does not break as easily as glass and can take a lot more weight.

How to Handle It?

People need to know that, just like glass, plexi acts like a fingerprint magnet, and that is why it needs to be taken great care of. People that work with it ought to wear gloves, but the good news is the fact that the fingerprints or dirt on the plexi can be cleaned easily – just use some Windex! Make sure you remove the protective sticker, but you can only remove the one from one side, and leave the one on the other one on. Later, you can remove it and use it when the other side gets damaged.

Can It Be Used as a Photography Tool?

Well, after everything we’ve seen here, it is safe to assume that it can be used as a photography tool; and not only that, but some photographers even claim that it is far superior to any glass or mirror. This means that all the photographers out there need to start looking for a plexi supplier, and they need to start doing it right away!

Baby Photography

One of the best ways to find a good newborn photographer is to find a photographer who specialises in child photography and maternity photography. If you’re based in Essex then it’s also a good idea to find an Essex-based new born photographer. The closer the photographer is to you the better it is for you.

If you’re having trouble deciding which photographer to go with there are some things to keep in mind. Ask your friends or family if they have any suggestions or if they’ve had any newborn photography done, and find out more about your chosen photographer. Get all the important information such as their fees, if you need to reserve a session, and how their studio looks and feels. After choosing a photographer you should contact them before visiting to find out more about their prices. You’ll be able to tell how the photographer treats clients as soon as you meet them. If you feel like the photographer isn’t the right choice then don’t stay with them. If you feel like they are the right choice you can go ahead and visit them at your earliest convenience.

Write down and brainstorm any ideas for photographs you have in mind. When you’re done discuss it with the photographer so they can put together the right setting for you and your baby. Newborn photography includes photos of just the baby, such as when they’re sleeping, so getting the right setting is important. It’s a good idea to find a photographer who can put together a kid-friendly setting using props and costumes.

One great choice for newborn photographers in Essex is Urban-Photography where you can find Jodi Collin’s web portfolio including her pictures of children, infants and newborns in the urban setting. Jodi is known for offering unique and versatile services through her convenient studio. Jodi is based in Essex so anyone looking for Essex newborn photography should consider contacting her and getting started.

While many people turn to the web for finding photographers you can just go straight to the Urban-Photography website to take a look at Jodi’s current projects and sessions. This will give you an idea of what you can expect and will inspire you when deciding on which photos you would like. The website has handy directions you can follow to find the studio after you book your session with Jodi. Good luck!

Five Design Ideas For Your Personalised T-Shirt



  1. Anime Version Of Your Face Or Someone Else’s’

What’s more personalised than a shirt with a face of the wearer on it? While that’s fun, it can be a little creepy for anyone to see someone wearing something that has their exact face or seem a little narcissistic for some. In that case, the anime version of your face or somebody else’s’ face, in case you’re planning to give it as a gift, is a more fun way to do it without freaking anyone out.

  1. Funny Doodles

Not everyone is artistic, but that shouldn’t stop you from wearing a shirt with a unique design. If you’ve wanted one, why not go online to look for inspiration. Then start creating your own doodles. With a little imagination and hard work a personalized t-shirt with a clever doodle isn’t a long shot.

  1. Witty Comebacks

Maybe drawing isn’t just your cup of tea, but you know you’re smart and sarcastic as f*ck. How about you design your shirt with some of your famous witty comebacks? That exchange you had with a relative during holidays or an acquaintance never got along with that got everyone crack would be a great example. If people see these shirts of yours, they’ll know never to mess with you in the future.

  1. Statement Shirts

Statement tees are everywhere, because they’re quirky and sometimes relates to people. If you’re known as the quotes lover person who loves to cite quotes all the time or makes up his own, it’s time you showcase that to the public by wearing your own statement t-shirts.

  1. Text And Illustration

Most of the time, personalised t-shirts and My Personalised Banners are just hilarious and cute. But don’t you think inspirational and deep ones should be around too? Words from a mentor that you’ve always lived by or a good advice from your parents designed with an illustration that best symbolize that will be a breath of fresh air.

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The Perks of Having a Photo Booth at a Party

When it comes to parties and special events, photo booths are all the rage nowadays, and for good reason. Along with instant photographs, photo booth London offer a fresh array of fun photo services that can spice up any party. These photo booth specialists cater to occasions ranging from birthday parties to corporate events.

Typically, a photo booth rental comes with a set of fun props such as neon-colored wigs, crazy wild eyewear, and chalkboards for the guests to write messages on. These goodies make for amusing picture-taking sessions because they allow the guests to be wacky and have fun with each other. The rental also comes with an attendant whose job is to assist guests, and to make them feel at ease while they’re taking their pictures.

The booths come in different colors, themes, and sizes to fit the client’s event and venue. The booths and even the pictures can be customized to bear the company’s or event’s colors and logos. Clients can request for custom backdrops. The keepsakes can be branded with the company logo along with their contact information.

In addition to printed snapshots, photo booth companies offer an online gallery where guests can peruse the photos taken of them where you can show your friends and family your results of your mens laser hair removal by Drakes of London. Clients don’t have to worry about posting unwanted pictures as all photos posted online are subject to their approval.

Some photo booth companies have added graphic designers in their team. They offer customers the option of adding unique graphics or a personalized message printed at the bottom of their pictures. Clients can collaborate with the graphic designer if they have preferences and specifications. These design specialists can also create novelty items such as pictures in the style of postcards or baseball cards — perfect for companies who are hosting a sports-themed party or a fan event. Guests in the party will feel appreciative and delighted with their host for making the effort to provide them with such thoughtful keepsakes. When it comes to the corporate world, a good impression counts because it adds to the company’s positive reputation.

One of the latest services offered by photo booth companies is the animated GIF option. A series of snapshots of the guest is taken and combined into a moving GIF file. The guests have the option to post their moving images in their social media accounts. This type of service is a great way for companies to have their corporate events trend online.

Photo booths are a great social tool that can bring people together. In this day and age when everyone is always taking a selfie, photo booths fit right into the trend of pop culture. This is why they are so popular and will be a hit at any party.

How To Choose A Wedding Magician

image-61A Wedding is an important yet long event. It will take around half a day where as some could last the whole day. With such a long celebration, it is always a challenge to maintain the energy and enthusiasm of the guests throughout the event. In order to avoid having boring moments during the wedding celebration, the couple along with the wedding planner would find ways to provide entertainment during the wedding. One entertainment strategy that is becoming popular over the past decade is hiring a wedding magician  to perform during the reception. Here are some tips on how to choose a wedding magician.

  1. Charisma – In the entertainment industry, charisma is a big factor to keep the audience interested in the performance. A well-groomed wedding magician with a great personality will always have charisma and can provide quality performance to the guests in the wedding.
  2. Cost – If your budget is limited, consider how much you will allocate for the wedding magician. It will be a waste to consider wedding magicians which are out of your budget. There are still affordable wedding magicians which provides quality performance if you search carefully.
  3. Experience – Experience is important when it comes to wedding magicians. You must consider those magicians which have experience in performing during wedding celebrations. These wedding magicians know when to entertain the guests without interfering with the whole festivities. They also know how to effectively use their magic performance to entertain the guests throughout the wedding.
  4. Location – Location is important when looking for a wedding magician. It is better to choose a wedding magician in your local area. This way the wedding magician can be sure to perform on your wedding celebration whereas wedding magicians located from another state or city might encounter unforeseen events which can prevent them from being present on your wedding day.
  5. Schedule –Magicians often perform during nighttime and might get a hangover on the next day. Others would also book multiple events during the same day. Look for a wedding magician which do not have a schedule a day prior and during your wedding day. This is to ensure that the wedding magician will be present throughout the wedding celebration.
  6. Type Of Performance – Wedding magicians can perform several kinds of tricks. Let the magician perform in front of you and select the performance which are fitting and interesting for your wedding celebration. Do not consider magicians which perform gross or messy tricks which can disturb the mood and appetite of your wedding celebration.

With these tips, you will be closer to finding the best wedding magician suitable for your dream wedding.


Designing your Perfect Wedding Ring Online

When thinking about buying a wedding ring, your first instinct perhaps is to walk into the nearest jeweler at your place, get measured and order the style you desire. However, this has been changed through the invasion of the online market on today’s era. The online market provides a whole new platform for wedding jewelries and accessories shopping. Without the need to step out of your house, you get to choose and order the wedding ring that you like. When shopping online, neither the traffic nor the weather can never meddle with your plan to get the most perfect wedding ring ever at the most reasonable prize.

Apart from the convenience that online jewelry stores offer, they also allow you to give a personal touch to the ring. This is due to the fact that most of the type, you seem not to find the match of the ring you have in mind. You have this design and style of the ring that you want but unfortunately, you cannot find anything close to it. To eliminate your disappointments, online jewelry stores today allow their customers to give the shots on their own ring. They allow you to customize and design the ring according to your own style and preference. The stones to be embedded can also your most preferred choice. This makes the ordinary buying of the ring extraordinary, special and sentimental. This makes the whole experience more memorable and exciting.

You will surely cherish the moment of creating something as a couple as opposed to simply picking up a stock designer band. If you have no idea where to start in the design, do not worry. That’s easy. When designing the wedding ring, you get to decide on everything. You choose the metal to be used, whether you want sterling silver, titanium, platinum, white gold or yellow gold. If any of these single metals attract you, you can go for any combination. You can even decide on the purity rate of the gold. Anything between 14 and 18k gold is best for a wedding ring.

Now, it is time to choose the gem that you want to embed on the ring. Chances are that you may like to choose diamond because of its splendid charm. Diamonds come in various cut shape and caret value. Take your time studying their shapes and sizes before choosing. If you need help seeking for the best size and shape, do not worry for your online jeweler can help you in this matter. He can give you ideas on the best diamond shapes and sizes.

Since your wedding is one of the best and most special moments in your life, let the ring represents this special moment. It is only the visible mark of your vows for each other that no matter what, no matter where you are, the ring will serve as a reminder that you are bonded.

To start designing your own wedding ring, you can visit platinum wedding rings. They are an online jewelry shop that do not only sell quality rings but also allow their customers to design their own rings. Oh and my friend Gary owns Just Platinum Rings, they’re a good outfit so thought I’d give them a shout on my blog :D.

Explained: 4 Types Of Wedding Photography

We spend so much time in arranging our wedding around the theme or motif that we have decided to make everything look cohesive and of course so that things will look good on pictures. But have you ever thought of the pictures looking good themselves? How? Well here are the types of wedding photography that gives four different kind of beauty in wedding photos.

Traditional Wedding Photography

When we say traditional wedding photography, we’re talking about a lot of posed shots of the bride and groom and the rest of the guest throughout the day. It also includes a lot of arranged detail to achieve a specific look. So if you’re someone who wants everything to look spotless, hiring a Kent wedding photographer such as Stuart Deal might work for you.

Wedding Photojournalism

On the other side of the coin, if you’re more on candid shots that capture genuine emotions and unique moments, wedding photojournalism is for you. Photographers won’t ask for you to pose for pictures the whole day, instead they’ll simply shoot while your wedding is taking place, you and your spouse lost in the moment, and guest having fun.

Fine Art Portraiture

Want to send a message? Give off a certain mood? Or want the pictures carry your personalities as individuals and as a couple to make it more meaningful? Then the representational and stylized way of fine art portraiture is the way to go. Through planning, preparation and creative thinking of the photographers, they’ll be able to deliver unique portraits out of your wedding.

High Fashion Photography

Think big with this one. Everything will be dramatic, from the clothes, location, to lighting techniques and posing, to create a high fashion mood or lifestyle that you want to portray. Needless to say, this isn’t for those who like simple, solemn and not-in-your-face kind of wedding.

How to Pimp your MacBook and iPhone

People express their own personalities in various ways like how they dress, drive their cars and decorate their own homes. Up to date, more people are using smartphones in living their comfortable lives. For instance, when you use iPhone, you can virtually do anything you want like paying the bills.

In fact, choosing your own phone is personal just like pimping your iPhone or Macbook. But of course, personal choices may depend on budget, function, style or any of them. Checkout GoldStatus if you want something substantial and a little pricey but worth it!

The thing is that you are your phone or any gadget. When you upgrade your devices, it will ultimately reflect your most personal style just like how you wanted things to appear. Many of the iPhone lovers and fanatics are keen in upgrading their phones to achieve that most customized appeal.

While your phone reflects your personality, it also takes its own persona. At least try to compare your mobile device to your friends’. You will see how different they are. The look of the phones shows the distinction in individual personalities.

You can design personalised themes, icons, cases and more to help modify your iPhone or Macbook in and out. There are efficient customization techniques in terms of hardware and software of your phone. Hence, they are described as the “inside” and “outside”.

  • The inside part is actually highly customizable than you can think of. You can change the software components according to what you want. These include the wallpapers, icons and more.

Of course, you have to first download a particular app for your specific need. For instance, you can download a free app called iExplorer which works on Mac and Windows. The app will allow you to access files on your iPhone.

  • If you want to change your icons, it can be done by means of iExplorer. You will have to download current icons via PNG format or just make your own.
  • For wallpapers, there are plenty of choices when it comes to awesome home-screen wallpaper. You can have a photo for your phone’s interface. Or, you can make shelves. For starters, you can take a screenshot of the home screen. And then, email it back to yourself. You can make use of it as a template for your 960x540pixel wallpaper. This is ideally integrated with your various icons.
  • You can also be more customized with Pimp Your Screen for a dollar. It will help you build function for your home screen wallpaper while you add more of the shelves with an image. This helps you to make a personalized look without the Photoshop.
  • Altering your interface completely needs a jailbreak and download of the free DreamBoard app. The customization abilities offered by this app are awesome. This will make your phone appear like it is operating Mac or android.

Indeed, iPhone and Macbook are among those gadgets that people want to have. There is a need for you to be extra careful in order that your device is not damaged easily.

How to Print Your Own Photo on a T-Shirt

Shirts are among those pieces of clothes that do not go out of style. These are available in numerous styles and typically emblazoned with different designs. However, easy accessibility to these ready-made clothes ups your chances of coming across someone who happens to own and wear the same shirt as you — and with the exception of a uniform or company T-shirt, that can be an awkward fashion faux pas. One way to avoid this is to print your own photo on a T-shirt. Here’s how.

Upload or design the photo that you want to be placed on your shirt.

You may use a custom-made image or an image that you found from the Web. To further enhance the uniqueness of your photo, you may even use image-editing software to add depth to the image. You may even want to create text that you can superimpose on the photo. Make sure that the image is flipped before making the final print.

Print out a draft copy of the design on a piece of paper.

This is especially recommended if you have not tried photo printing on shirts yet. Closely examine the printout and make sure that the image is the same one you would like to see on your shirt. Make adjustments as you deem necessary.

Prepare the iron-on paper before transferring the print on the shirt.

Follow all the instructions on the transfer paper package label. After printing, allow the ink on the paper to dry completely before proceeding to the next step. Get rid of the excessive paper around the photo. This is important to help achieve a crisp and even design on the shirt.

Position the transfer paper on the shirt and start ironing.

Make sure that you position the paper facedown on the part of the shirt where you prefer to the image to be displayed. Place the iron heat level on cotton. Carefully iron the exposed side of the paper. Use even, circular motions.

Peel off the iron-on transfer paper.

Do this while there is still some heat on the paper. This will help you achieve a smooth and satiny finish for the print. Allow the transferred printout to cool before peeling off the backing of the transfer paper.

Thanks for the top advice from Logos 4 Polos, specialists in Embroidered workwear.

Why an Amateur Should Not Be Responsible for Your Wedding Photography

No professional photographer in London – or anywhere else in the world for that matter – will tell you that it is a good idea to get an amateur to handle the photography on your big day. However, some couples still ignore this advice because they are suspicious of the motivation behind it. After all, if we as professional photographers started to recommend that people make do with amateurs, we would be losing business – in the short term at least. Nevertheless, I would ask you to suspend your disbelief for a moment, whilst I give you 3 excellent reasons not to rely on amateur photographers on the day of your wedding:

Mistakes Cannot Be Rectified – If the friend who is responsible for capturing your first kiss or the act of cutting the cake makes a mess of things, there will be no second chances to get it right. Whilst he or she could theoretically ask you to perform the action in question again, can you imagine what kind of day you would have if they were to keep doing this?

Amateurs May Forget Their Responsibilities – The very worst examples of photography I have seen are those cases when the person in charge of the camera was not in charge of their faculties. If your photographer is also a guest at your wedding, there is a very real danger that they may have a few drinks, get carried away with all the celebrating going on around them and start to take some truly awful pictures.

Friendships Can Easily Be Ruined – Quite apart from the fact that the very best examples of London wedding photography I have come across were all produced by professionals, which is reason enough in my mind not to have an amateur do the job, there is a very good chance that you will fall out with any friend who makes a bad job of your wedding pictures.

You could save a significant amount of money by letting a friend or relative be the official photographer at your wedding but I really donít think it is worth the risk.

Sports Videography Using GoPro

Anyone watching videos is looking for something. One of the things most people seek in a video is action. One of the most action-packed scenes people can take is sports. Taking videos of sports, extreme or otherwise, is sure to get adrenaline pumping when done the right way. Creating sports videos is now made easier and more extreme with the emergence of GoPro. This article will teach you sports videography using GoPro and why it is best to hire a GoPro with GoPro accessories  instead of buying one.

  1. Look for a great vantage point – One great thing about GoPro is that it is so compact that you can place it just about anywhere without obstructing proper movement. However, it is crucial that you mount your camera at the right place. Remember that videos are created by perspectives, and perspectives are created by vantage points. The right vantage point is wherein the scene is completely captured without potential problems such as excessive shaking.
  1. Plan your shoot – While there are spontaneous shots that are captured cleanly, they are exceptions rather than the rule. Often times, if you fail to plan your shoot, you’ll come up with a product that’s less than what you expect. Before heading into the field and the computer (for editing), plan how you’ll film the event. Aside from planning potential perspectives, think of how you’ll connect different shots seamlessly. How you’ll connect different shots together will enhance the quality of the final product.
  1. Take some practice shots – It is not enough that you plan your shots beforehand. If you have the time, use it practice too. This is where you’ll learn which shots actually work. At the same time, it will help you become more familiar with using a GoPro. Practice will help you find the right angles, how to use the different functions of GoPro, and where the right editing points are. Also, play with the different functions of GoPro (there are lots of them). It will also help you take better videos in the long run.
  1. Hire a GoPro – You can choose to buy a GoPro, but it’s not going to be cheap. Getting a GoPro plus accessories would be quite pricey. It simply would not make sense to get one unless you will create sports videography using GoPro (among other videography projects) full-time. Hiring a GoPro makes a lot of sense financially. At the same time, it would help you learn how to use this device before deciding to buy one.

Alternatively, seeking a local professional videographer.